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Cobra RAD 500G Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra RAD 500G Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra iRAD Radar Detector

I want to share this “AWESOME” device with everyone. The Cobra RAD 500G Radar/Laser Detector definitely works better than my older Cobra radar detector. Cobra radar detectors have come a long way. The RAD 500G came with the hook to attach it to the windshield but I use the non-slip pad for mine because its easier for me to reach it. 

It is integrated with a GPS receiver and Aura database provides location-based alerts which tells the user about red lights, speed cameras, and speed traps. It is also loaded with Anti-Falsing Circuitry & In-Vehicle Technology (IVT). It does not only filter out the false alerts from blind spots systems but also eradicates alerts from resources like collision avoidance systems so they can hear what they want to hear easily. It displays on an eye-catching OLED display and VoiceAlert provides identification and easy to understand alerts for the user. It is preprogrammed to work for both English and Spanish voice and text alerts. This helps the users to understand both of these languages easily and it can be operated easily by varied people. The addition of OLED provides an amazing efficient medium of the display which has identification icons and other important features that are used to help you work with RAD 500G. its Dim Mode is very useful for driving at night. It dims the radar detector so the driver can have a relaxed night time driving experience. It comes with a power cord and also has a mount. You can easily mount the radar and work with it as you like. By providing its users automatically reduced false alerts can help them focus on the road while providing them with information that is vital for them to drive according to what they please. Anti-falsing circuitry reduces any chance of getting a false alarm which might have caused by even your garage door. It only provides the information that is important to the driver all else data is ignored. Radar detector with such amplified features is a good way to detect a radar effortlessly.


RAD 500G tends to change how we use our cameras. By the integration of GPS receiver and AURA database providing location-based alerts of red lights, speed traps to help the user have a smooth experience while using it.

Voice Alert: It comes with English and Spanish voice announcements to help you keep focused on the road.

Quiet Drive: it helps the user to eradicate unwanted signals and false alerts.

Instant On ready helps detect speed monitoring capabilities.

Laser eye detects laser signals from both front and rear of the car.

Adjustable Sensitivity: it helps the user to automatically reduce false alerts including garage door openers and fixed position traffic flow monitoring systems.

Updateable IVT Filter: it removes all the false alerts from moving in-vehicle technology source such as collision avoidance systems.

Bright OLED displays the graphics and the information while featuring band identification icons, numeric signal strength meter, and menu-based user selectable settings.

Dim Mode: allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing the experience of night driving visibility.

Signal Strength Meter with Frequency Display Mode provides the user with relative proximity
to the target and exact frequency being received

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