Dawn Scrubtastic Scrub Sponge


Dawn Scrubtastic Scrub Sponge

Dawn Scrubtastic Scrub Sponge

Dawn dish soap was introduced in 1973 by Procter and Gamble company.  To this day Dawn is the leading dishwashing liquid in the U.S. This isn’t your average sponge/scrubber.

I’m always one that likes to try new products so I thought I would give the Dawn scrubtastic scrub sponge a try. The scrubtastic is non-scratch functional scrubber that contains the thermal scrub technology allowing me to make the item firmer in cool water and softer in warmer water. 

Dawn Scrubtastic Scrub Sponge2

I use the scrubber daily to clean bird dishes when you have 4 parrots you have to have something strong enough to clean their dishes.  I really like the scrubber it’s not pricy and very affordable.




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