~~Fairytale Brownies, Holiday Cheer Bar & Brownie Combo~~

~~Fairytale Brownies, Holiday Cheer Bar & Brownie Combo~~


I want to spend a little time talking about these delicious brownies from Fairytale Brownies .  There was a variety of different brownies that came in the Holiday Cheer Bar & Brownie Combo.  I have to say it was hard to not eat them all by myself but I had to share.  The box is very colorful and the brownies were packaged nicely in order in the box not squished,  they were perfectly in place and not smashed like most you receive in the mail.   Now onto the best thing about the brownies that I loved.  I got to try a few I didn’t think I would like but ended up  really liking them.  Each brownie was individually wrapped. 

List of Brownies: Holiday Cheer Bar & Brownie Combo

1. Chocolate Chip Blondie x2

2. Toffee Crunch

3.Cheesecake Swirl x2

4.Pecan Blondie x3


6.Chocolate Chip

7.Cream Cheese



10.Raspberry White Chocolate

11.Cinnamon Crumb

12.Lemon Blondie

The brownies also came with information on the company and how it was started which I found to be really interesting.  Also, an ordering book where I can order more or have a family, friend that might want to purchase some brownies.

My family really enjoyed the variety of brownies. 

I must say you have to try these AWESOME brownies so much sure you head over and buy yours at Fairytale Brownies  Also their website is super easy to navigate around. 

Facebook: Fairytale Brownies

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ftbrownies

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ftbrownies/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/fairytalebrownies


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