Floating Comfort Pillow 300 Thread Count Combed Loft Fiber 4 Needle Stitch Seam

Floating Comfort Pillow
300 Thread Count
CombedLoft Fiber
4 Needle Stitch Seam

Floating Comfort Pillow 300 Thread Count Combed Loft Fiber 4 Needle Stitch Seam

I’ve had a lot more peaceful nights sleep since I’ve had this pillow. I had neck surgery about 12yrs ago and sleeping on my standard pillows has caused me a great deal of pain. So I decided to try this pillow out and it seems to have helped with my neck pain. I haven’t had any pain while using the Floating Comfort Pillow. I started off using 2qts of water comfort (soft) to see how I would do sleeping on the pillow. I haven’t needed to add more water to the pillow because it’s at a level that works for me.

The Floating Comfort pillow has 2 layers on the bottom that has an adjustable water base that helps to support your neck, on top of the pillow is a soft, plump layer of CombedLoft.  Sleeping on the Floating Comfort Pillow feels like you are on a cloud 9. This pillow has Dacron polyester that gives great comfort for your head.  With my foam filled pillow, I don’t have comfort or neck, head support.  So, with the Floating Comfort Pillow, you can add water to help with your comfort and support for your neck and head. The CombedLoft fiber is combed into a soft 7-foot blanket that is rolled into a lofty bun. The fiber is extra resilient and free of any lumps.

  • You sleep on a plump, soft layer of resilient Combed Loft Dacron fiber.
  • Ranked best in a Johns Hopkins Clinical Study for sleep and neck pain reduction.
  • Adjustable to anyone’s choice of support. Soft, Medium, of Firm.
  • Responsive support works as you move in sleep to maintain support for your neck.
  • 300 Thread count cover.
  • Hypoallergenic, machine wash and dry.
  • Jumbo 20″x28″ fits Standard or Queen pillowcases.

The great thing about this Floating Comfort pillow it features a 10-year quality warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


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