Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub Wave 2 – Set Of Three Plush Toys

Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub Wave 2 – Set Of Three plush Toys

WOW! What an awesome litter of Direwolf cubs.  Each cub has a name Nymeria, Lady and Shaggydog.  The direwolf cubs are 9″ in size, nice size for small children to snuggle up with or for the collector to add to their display among  your Game Of Thrones collection.  The direwolf cubs are really soft and all 3 cubs are different color patterns.

This litter of direwolf cubs were discovered by the children of House Stark.  The Stark children adopted and raised the direwolf cubs.  The cubs became loyal companions to the Stark children.  The cubs grew too became fearsome guardians.  My granddaughter adopted all 3 of the direwolf cubs she snuggles with them and gives them tons of hugs.  The direwolf cubs even take car rides with my granddaughter when her mommy goes to town to go shopping.  The direwolf cubs spend a lot of time being beside my granddaughter (Macie). The direwolf cubs are really soft for the little hands.  If you want to own your very own Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub Wave 2 – Set Of Three plush Toys click here


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