Adorable Collectible Hatchimals Colleggtibles – 4-Packs

Adorable Collectible Hatchimals Colleggtibles – 4-Packs

Hatchimals Colleggtibles - 4-Pack

I want to share these little cuties (Hatchimals Colleggtibles) with my followers/readers. My granddaughter was so excited when she realized what these were and was eager to open each one of them. The unique way of hatching these little Hatchimals is you hold the egg in your hands when you rub the purple heart and when it changes from purple to pink the egg is ready to hatch.  Now here is the part that was exciting to my granddaughter is cracking the egg open and being surprised by which Hatchimal was in the egg. 

Another way you can determine which family your hatchimal belongs to before you hatch them is by the colored speckled egg.  These 2 sets are my granddaughters first sets of her collection of the Hatchimals Colleggtibles. There are over 70 to collect in the Season one and there is even ultra rare and special edition of Hatchimals to collect.  I also like the collector’s checklist and map to keep track of all my granddaughter’s collection and you can discover more about the Hatchtopia.  There are different colors and styles so each may vary.  “Con” The only thing that I didn’t like was cleaning up the pieces of the eggs everywhere that was the only thing I didn’t like about these Hatchimals Colleggtibles.

The Hatchimals are for ages 5 and up. These Hatchimals don’t require batteries. Each package has 4- Hatchimals Colleggtibles and 1 bonus character out of the egg.  

I bet you’re asking where can you buy these from right? Well here is a link to purchase your Hatchimals Colleggtibles and you can purchase these at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart.


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