Kleenex Facial Cleansing wipes, Eye Makeup Remover, Cotton Soft Pads!

Kleenex Facial Cleaning Wipes I will Surely Buy Again! I like how the wipes are sealed in an airtight that keeps them from drying out. The other awesome thing I like about the wipes that really clean the dirt, makeup, and grime off your face. After using the wipes my face feels so refreshed. The wipes are a nice size not like most that are too small these are bigger than hand size makes it so much nicer. The facial cleaning wipes are made up of a combination of multi-layered textured fabric and gentle cleaner with infused a pro-vitamin complex. The facial cleaning wipes are good for all types of skin types. Also, the facial wipes have been Dermatologist tested they are alcohol-free. The container contains 25 wipes and these are in a refillable dispenser so all you have to do is buy the refill kit and then all you do is drop the refill pack in the dispenser, peel open and the dispenser lid and you are ready to use the facial cleaning wipes.


Eye makeup remover the make micro- fine fabric, oil free makeup remover are infused with pro-vitamin complex, for eyes that will feel clean and refreshed in one step. The one thing that I like about these eye makeup removers is they are safe for people with sensitive eye areas. The other thing these are Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested and that says a lot about a product. The other thing I like about these eye makeup remover pads they come in a dispenser of 60 pads so all you have to do is to purchase the refill kit and drop the refill in the dispenser and your good to go.

Cotton Soft Pads are a micro-fine fabric that is textured to be as soft as cotton to the skin. If you are like me you hate to have a cotton pad or cotton ball that is rough on the skin or that leave lint on you face after using it to clean your face. Well with the Cotton Soft Pads you have less lint and clean skin. I would recommend all 3 of the to everyone.

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