~~Newmans Own Cookies, chocolate cups, and Peppermints Oh My!~~

~~Newmans Own Cookies, chocolate cups, and Peppermints Oh My!~~


WOW! I was really impressed with the taste of the cookies, popcorn, candies, I haven’t ever eaten any of the Newman’s Own Products.  Now with that being said I truly liked trying each product even the ones I wasn’t sure that I would like such as the Raspberry chocolate cups these really were awesome even though I really don’t like raspberry but I really liked these by Newman’s Own Organic Super Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups. Check out these awesome chocolates.  The Organic Super Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups my husband seemed to enjoy these.   I also tried the Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups these are good of course I had to share one with my husband so we both got to try this one together and we loved them.  Here is one I didn’t think I would like but ended up liking it  Organic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups these are really good you must try them. 

Now, onto the delightful candy bars.  We tried the  Organic Milk Chocolate Bars I love how the milk chocolate taste with Newman’s Own.  Now we have Organic Orange Dark Chocolate Bars I absolutely love dark chocolate, this one was my favorite. 


Onto the Organic Spelt Pretzels they were good, I like to eat them with mustard I guess it’s a southern thing. This makes a great snack, parties and much more.


Then we have Organic Extra Butter Popcorn in this box there are 3 pop and serve bags. I used mine for movie night and it was better than eating the movie theaters popcorn. I like the extra butter that makes for great popcorn. 


Now onto the awesome cookies, I had 5 different kinds of cookies and they all were awesome.  My favorite cookies were the Vanilla Alphabet Cookies these taste great and make a great snack for children they are just the right-hand size and they have the alphabets on them so you can make a learning game with the cookies.   Then we have Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies These are really good if you like oatmeal then you will love these cookies and they have chocolate chips in them and that makes them even yummier.   Onto the next set of cookies Chocolate Newman-O’s my husband liked better than the  Popular Name Brand, he said these were a lot better.  I’m one that doesn’t really like the Ginger Hermits but my mom tried them and said they were really good.  She said she would buy these for sure.  Onto the Strawberry Fig Newmans now these were awesome I really like strawberries so this made it even better in a cookie. 


The Organic Raisins were fresh and tasted great and there were 6 individual boxes so you could use these for snacks, lunches, cooking I use mine in my oatmeal which makes a great morning breakfast. 


The final part of the box is Organic Peppermint Mints My husband and I both enjoyed the mints they came in a small tin can nice size that fits into a purse, pockets.  


Make sure to check out Newman’s Own they have awesome products I recommend them to everyone.  Also, check out their social media at the links below.

Facebook: Newman’s Own


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