Softer Than Brittle an Incredibly Delicious Soft Snack

Softer Than Brittle an Incredibly Delicious Soft Snack

Softer Than Brittle an Incredibly Delicious Soft Snack

So I wanted to share these awesome snacks with my readers. These snacks are made in small batches. These are cooked in a copper kettle. The thing about these awesome Softer than Brittle snacks they are better for you. These snacks contain no preservatives, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, or hydrogenated oil.  So if you are a vegan then you will truly enjoy these awesome snacks Softer Than Brittle

Softer Than Brittle an Incredibly Delicious Soft Snack2

There are 4 different nut flavors. There is pecanpeanut, almond, and cashew. With these snacks, they contain just 6 basic ingredients. I’m always trying to find things that are gluten-free because I have issues with gluten so it has been nice to eat a snack that doesn’t make me feel sick. My favorite one is the cashews.  I tried all 4 of the Softer Than Brittle flavors and they all have an awesome taste to them.

This is a great healthy snack that you can enjoy and share with your family. Make sure to head over and order some of these tasty Softer Than Brittle snacks.

Softer Than Brittle



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  1. Jennylyn Gross says:

    wow these sound delicious

  2. These sound good and like they would be gentle on my teeth. I enjoy traditional brittle but not so much my teeth.

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I’ve not seen this brand before. It looks like a good snack for my hubby or I. I’d have to be careful though because my kids have allergies to a few of these ingredients. 🙁

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