Beat the Heat with This Icy Treat Rosewill RHIM-15002 Ice Maker

Beat the Heat with This Icy Treat –ROSEWILL RHIM-15002 26.5 LB PORTABLE ICE MAKER – STAINLESS STEEL

Now that summer time is here and we do many cookouts we are always having to buy bags of ice but with the portable ice maker that has made things so much easier.
No more bag ice now we have ice in 6-10 minutes and don’t have to drive to town to get bags of ice.
The setup of the ice maker doesn’t take long and once you have the ice maker out of the box you allow it to sit for a little while for the refrigerant settles then you need to wipe the inside of the ice maker out and then add your water to the level mark on the inside.
Once you have done all that you pick with size ice you would like small or Large and then you push the on button and you will see the water fill up in the tray and then watch the ice form on the stems.
The other good thing about this ice maker is what ice isn’t used that melts in the container will be recycled by making ice again. When the ice tray is full the ice maker won’t keep making ice there will be an indicator red light that says the ice is full.
The portable ice maker also comes with a small ice scooper. Now you need to change the water every 24hrs and that is super simple the drain plug is on the bottom of the ice maker.
The way I drained the ice maker was I slide it partly over the sink and the other part was still on the counter and it drained with no problem I put the plug back in and filled it back up with water.
The ice cubes shaped like bullets. I’ve been super happy with this portable ice maker it has made things so much easier when we have cookouts, birthday parties, etc.






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  1. you can’t beat a good chunk of ice in whatever drink you have! Perfect way to cool off.

  2. An ice maker would be perfect right about now as we are in the tail end of a heat wave and my dang ice maker in my fridge is broken!

  3. Ohhh I need this! It is hot as heck here in south florida. I would be using this everyday, may need to look into getting my own

  4. I need to get this ice maker. Mine stop working awhile ago and I have no idea why

  5. This would have been PERFECT for our glamping trip the other weekend! Damn, will have to invest in one for the next trip! x

  6. That is a great idea! It’s perfect for small spaces or for going camping or to the beach. I wonder if it comes with a car charger? That’s brilliant!

  7. What an awesome ice maker! I need one since I never have room in my freezer to make ice.

  8. An ice maker would be so awesome in this summer heat. That’s for sure.

  9. Thank you 🙂

  10. It is essentialy a must have for summers.. Can’t live without chilled water and ice

  11. I love huge chunks of ice! This looks great

  12. I love huge chunks of ice!

  13. Summertime is around the corner and I know you can imagine the heat all over. This is such a way to cool off. Definitely a big help.

  14. I could always use a separate ice maker. The summer months always goes crazy with the ice and I run out of it too quickly. I will definitely have to check this out. Great review of this ice maker.

  15. How convenient is this. Our refrigerator has a build in ice maker, but it is a feature that often breaks a lot. This is a nice alternative.

  16. On Women's Mind says:

    I don’t have separate ice maker and we usually quickly ran out of ice. It’s really cool ice maker and looks so useful specially in summer.

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