Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker An All-in-One Appliance

Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker An All-in-One Appliance

Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker An All-in-One Appliance

So here we’ve got a Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker. I’ve been wondering what all the fuss was about using this cooker NOW I know.  Here is a little history of how Crock-Pot was started.   It started out as Rival that was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1932 by Henry J. Talge as the Rival Manufacturing Co. 

At the time Rival was specialized in die casting. It certainly wasn’t long after this that they started producing food preparation product under the O-Mat line for products like the Juice-O-Mat Juicer, Can-O-Mat can opener, and a Broil-O-Mat broiler. 

Then the company shut down to produce ammunition during World War II, Rival expanded their product lines in the post-war era. Then they acquired Waverly Products Inc. expanding their products into the home appliances market with Waverly’s popular Steam-O-Mat iron. 

In 1963, the company was sold to Stern Brother Investment Bank and went public in 1964. Soon after, they acquired Titan Manufacturing Company and their line of portable electric heaters. In 1970, they acquired Naxon Utilities Corp., makers of the little-known product called the “Bean Pot” slow cooker. Rival re-introduced the Bean Pot as the Crock-Pot in 1971, and it quickly became one of their top products. This is a little bit of history I had no idea how Crock-Pot got started very interesting information no doubt.

So I want to share my experience with using the Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker. I was super excited to have one of these cookers because there is so much you can cook with them and it cuts down the time of cooking on the stove or in the oven. My very 1st time cooking something I made Chicken & Rice which was pretty simple. There are so many recipes online, Crock-Pot and Pinterest where you can use the Multi-Cooker.  Here are a few photos I took of the Crock-Pot Express Crock Mult-Cooker before I cooked Chicken & Rice.

My son in law told me how to do the chicken & rice because he has a Cooker like mine and he uses his to cook a variety of things in theirs. Like I said this is super simple to follow the directions on whatever you cook.

I also tried to make pulled BBQ chicken but I somehow didn’t get it right on my part but my husband said it turned out really good and tender it took 15mins to cook both meals.  On Thanksgiving, I cooked 2 hams in the cooker. The Hams came out nice and tender and moist better than baking in the oven. 

The only thing I didn’t like is the release valve it’s tough to try and release the pressure because the valve moves to awkwardly but once its moved it does what it’s supposed to do. The functions are simple to use and read.  I have been testing different things using this AWESOME cooker I love IT!

  • Eight one-touch digital meal settings make it easy to create meats and stews, beans and chili, rice and risotto, poultry, dessert, soups, yogurts, and multi-grains.
  • Four one-touch cook functions allow you to slow cook, pressure cook, brown and sauté, or steam
  • In addition to pressure cooking, select brown/sauté, slow cook, or steam for even more versatility
  • Six-quart non-stick cooking pot is dishwasher safe
  • Additional features: Airtight locking lid, delay start timer, keep warm setting
  • Includes recipe book, steaming rack, and serving spoon
  • Read Crock-Pot® Express Crock Multi-Cooker FAQs
  • Read the Crock-Pot®  Recipe Book
  • Dimensions: 13.6”H x 13.6”W x 11.9”L
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs.



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  1. I know they are cheap to most people but at this stage in my life I cant afford one even though I really want it and it would make life so much easier :/

  2. These things are amazing. I would so love to have one. They make cooking look so much easier.

  3. Brandon Sparks says:

    We just got one of these and it really is he best thing that a kitchen needs. It’s amazing…

  4. Trisha McKee says:

    I definitely want to get a Multi-Cooker. And Crock Pot is the best brand there is for something like this. Thank you for sharing this information!

  5. John Smith says:

    This looks like a great crockpot! I could really use one that has such a great design!

  6. Sweet, looks like a handy appliance. I wish the insert was stainless steel though

  7. I want an instant pot so much right now! Look at those delicious recipes !

  8. Tiffany Tisdale says:

    These are nice!

  9. ellen beck says:

    I would love to try this multi cooker. I love making one pot meals.

  10. Tiffany Tisdale says:


  11. ellen beck says:

    I would love to have one of these. It looks like it would make meals much easier and quicker too. Great appliance!

  12. Nicole Watson says:

    I would love to have one of these multi cookers. Would make life simple for my household.

  13. Casey Garvey says:

    I love the Crock Pot. Makes dinner so easy and quick.

  14. This would be so nice for the days…. many days… that I forget to take meat out of the freezer.

  15. Lyndsey R. says:

    I bet there are so many fantastic recipes you’ve made with this already. I would make chili first that’s for sure!

  16. Trisha McKee says:

    This is an appliance I need! so many options and you’re given so much control.

  17. ellen beck says:

    I really like this appliance, it looks so handy. I really like how it can do multiple things. Its fast and so efficient!

  18. monique s says:

    I love that these help you may homestyle meals in an easy way. They are great for stews and to cook stewing meats too. Love a good crock pot dinner

  19. Maddie Allen says:

    It would be sooo much easier to cook if I had a crock pot. With school and work I only have time for quick meals or leftovers made far in advance.

  20. Jennylyn Gross says:

    I cant wait to try mine that i just got. I just need to find a recipe to start with

  21. Rachael DeBates says:

    I really need one of these

  22. rose cantu says:

    Love these

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